VOLVO x BYBORRE / Future car concept

With ‘Surface for service’ BYBORRE investigated the new possibilities and properties that arise when a car is fully self-driven. If you no longer need to actively drive your car, you will be able to use the time you would normally spend on driving now for other things. This forces us to look in a different way towards the car as a phenomenon. The act of driving changes in spending time, which is to be filled in with different ways of commuting. Work, rest, entertainment, socialise. Depending on the wishes of the person or persons the interior will have to adapt. A flexible serving interior.

Surface for service is a demonstrative object that indicates the possibilities of the new driving experience. Where VOLVO focuses on measuring what is happening around the car we therefore focus on everything that happens inside the car. By integrating sensors in a modular tactile surface, we are able to ‘read’ travelers and to respond to the needs of that status. The reading of vital functions in combination with a personal profile gives a wide range of new ways to make a car interactive and relevant.

In this test object, we limit ourselves to pressure sensors, registering the level of pressure. In the future it needs to react on this information by adjusting the shape of the surface, relieving the pressure on the traveler.

For this project BYBORRE teamed up with their partner CWI - the Dutch national research institute for mathematics and computer science - to create a working model.