BB.SUIT 0.1 / Access Anywhere

BYBORRE started a collaborative research project with the BB.suit. In a larger perspective the BB.Suit is really about creating awareness of what wearable technology could mean for us in the future. Imagine the possibilities once chips are further developed where they can be flexible and washed.

We are surrounded by textiles every moment of our lives, imagine it could be more than just a functional layer. The clothing we wear could actually help us in our everyday life as well as with solving environmental problems.

By integrating conducting yarns and sensors into the fabric BYBORRE enables the onesie to have different function. The outcome of the BB.suit is always related to the place and time the project is set.

The BB.suit 0.1 is a mobile WIFI music hot spot designated for SXSW. When Musicians or their bookers find the BB.Suit through GPS, they can upload their songs directly onto the suit. During the festival we showcased 22 musicians and there songs on our own BB.SXSW 22tracks list. Updating the list everyday with freshly discovered artists. It is all about gameplay, offering the visitors - who tracked the suit - an extra layer to their festival experience.

Partners and contributors: 22tracks, WANT, dspbrg, TU/e, Stimuleringsfonds and C.R.I.S.P